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Leigh's Mt Kili Climb

Leigh expresses deep gratitude for the sponsorship received to undertake the challenging endeavor of climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Regrettably, a series of obstacles prevented them from reaching the actual summit, leaving them 200 meters short.

Despite this setback, reaching an elevation of 5,685 meters above sea level was still a significant accomplishment. Leigh recalls feeling well throughout the climb, with no signs of altitude sickness except for occasional shortness of breath, which is common in such conditions.

Later in the journey, while in Tanzania's Tarime district, Leigh and their team had the privilege of attending the opening ceremony for multiple water bores. Among these, one particular borehole was funded by the Rotary Club of Devonport North. This sponsorship played a crucial role in covering a substantial portion of the construction expenses, which amounted to approximately AU$15,000 for a single water bore. The implementation of this essential infrastructure will significantly enhance the lives of the local villagers, particularly young girls who often miss out on valuable educational opportunities due to the arduous task of fetching water from distant and substandard sources.

Leigh once again expresses heartfelt appreciation for the invaluable assistance received, emphasising its profound impact on the Tarime community.

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