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A Remarkable Day at Home Hill Fete: Community Spirit Shines Bright

Home Hill recently experienced a heartwarming event that united the community in celebration. Held on Sunday, November 19th, the Home Hill Fete was a remarkable success that left everyone in high spirits.

This delightful event was a perfect blend of music, food, and family-friendly activities, filling the day with smiles and laughter. Music played a significant role in creating a vibrant atmosphere, and we owe our appreciation to the Devonport Brass Band, Crescendo Junior Choir, and The Opportunists for their wonderful performances. Their music added a special touch to the event, leaving attendees with lasting memories.

The Home Hill Fete's success was made possible through the diligent efforts of dedicated volunteers and the support of various community groups, including Kelly Hunt from Tarfish, Soroptimists, and many others. Their unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in making the day a success.

The fete drew an impressive crowd of approximately 1500 attendees, a testament to the robust sense of community that thrives in Home Hill. It was heartwarming to see people from Home Hill and neighboring areas come together, reinforcing the unity that makes this town so special.

A special thank you to Rotarian Ian Macleod from Ian Macleod Photography for his wonderful photos of the day.

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