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Friends of Rotary

Embrace Community, Share Ideals, and Make a Positive Impact

Presented by Erica Jeffrey,
Member of the Rotary Club of Dev North

We welcome you to support our clubs Rotary service projects and make a difference in local or international communities.


This is an opportunity to invest in the community and develop connections in a way that can fit in with your current life stage and commitments.

What It Means to Be a Friend of Rotary

As a Friend of Rotary, you are part of our community. You have the opportunity to:

Engage in Community Service

Participate in our projects and events, from fundraising to hands-on work like working bees.

Enjoy Social and Fellowship Activities

Join us for social events where you can catch up with friends and make new ones, enhancing the spirit of community and fellowship.

  • Benefits of Being a Friend of Rotary
    Community Impact: Support service projects that assist both local and international communities. Flexibility: Ideal for those unable to attend weekly meetings but still wanting to contribute. Stepping Stone: A perfect introduction for those considering full-time membership or wanting to learn more about Rotary.
  • Requirements for Friends of Rotary
    Participation: Attend at least one fundraiser or service project and one social event per year. Engagement: Offer referrals for potential new Friends or members and propose ideas for new projects or fundraisers. Ethical Standards: Adhere to the Rotary 4-Way Test, ensuring truth, fairness, goodwill, better friendships, and beneficial outcomes for all.
  • Guidelines and Restrictions
    Non-Membership Status: Friends of Rotary cannot serve as committee members, board members, or hold any elected positions within the club. Representation: You may not make commitments or agreements on behalf of the Rotary Club of Devonport North.

Join Now

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Thanks for joining! We can't wait to connect.

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